The Novel Analytical Probabilistic Model of Random Variation in the MOSFET’s High Frequency Performance

Rawid Banchuin


gate capacitance, high frequency, MOSFET, probabilistic model


In this research, the probabilistic model of the random variation in MOSFET high frequency performance defined in term of gate capacitance, has been proposed with focusing on the state of the art short channel MOSFET. Both random dopant fluctuation and process variation effects which are the major causes of the MOSFET’s high frequency characteristic variation have been taken into account. This probabilistic model has been verified based on the IBM 90nm RF CMOS technology by using the Monte-Carlo SPICE simulations and the Kolmogorov-Smirnof goodness of fit tests. It is very accurate since it can fit the Monte-Carlo SPICE based data with 99% confidence. Hence, the proposed model has been found to be a potential mathematical tool for the statistical/variability aware analysis/design of various MOSFET based high frequency applications.

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