Linear System Analysis and State Observer Design of Grid Connected Inverter Model based on System Identification

Nopporn Patcharaprakiti, Jatturit Thongprong, Krissanapong Kirtikara, and Jeerawan Saelao


state observer, system identification, photovoltaic system, grid connected inverter


In this paper, a discrete linear time invariant system analysis of grid connected inverter model is proposed. There are two stages of research methodology. Firstly, a grid connected inverter model is executed based on system identification approach. A Hammerstein-Wiener nonlinear model is selected to describe system. An experimental setup is performed and input-output data is processed with a statistic and mathematic method. The appropriate model with high accuracy and reasonable model criteria is derived for system analysis. In second stage, nonlinear system is linearized around the operating point with Talyor approximation and then a state space and transfer function is derived. A discrete linear time invariant system concepts including state space, transfer function, stability, controllability, observability and state observer design are proposed.

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