Optimal Frequency Regulation of a Single-Area Power System

Sayed Z. Sayed Hassen and Mohamed I. Jahmeerbacus


Power system, LQG control, Integral action


The mismatch between the generating capacity of a power system and the load demand at any given moment in time is reflected in the system’s frequency. Large deviations from a chosen nominal value of frequency are undesirable for numerous reasons. Power systems frequency is traditionally regulated using proportional-integral (PI) or other forms of classical controllers. While these controllers are effective, they are far from being optimal. In this paper, we propose a linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) controller which includes integral action that guarantees optimal performance of a single-area power system. In particular, we show that our proposed controller performs better than an optimized PID controller in the face of constant or low frequency disturbances which accurately model load changes in the power system.

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