A Cost-Effective, Robust and an Efficient Design of a Motor Controller for UGVs

Soyiba Jawed, Freeha Azmat, and Muhammad Z. Khan


Efficiency, Cost-effectiveness, DC motors, Unmanned ground vehicles


Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) has an important role to play in the imminent future. The importance of these vehicles is that they can be used in many areas such as search, rescue, and surveillance and for military purposes. An ideal UGV can adapt to its surrounding. This paper focuses on the low cost and efficient design of a motor control system of an autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for military purposes. It is a motor operated vehicle having four wheels control which is designed by using H-bridges approach, a capability to turn 360ĚŠ, provided that it can navigate in any terrain, it is also capable of obstacle detection. High torque and compact form makes it suitable to work in any environment.

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