PID Control for Micro-Hydro Power Plants based on Neural Network

Lie Jasa, Ardyono Priyadi, and Mauridhi H. Purnomo


PID, Turbine, Neural network, Micro-hydro, Frequency


Micro-hydro power plants are power plants with small capacity, which is built in specific locations. The main problem of micro-hydro is the voltage generated is not stable at 220 VA and frequency of 50 Hz. A micro-hydro that was constructed by Lie Jasa et al. in Gambuk village at Pupuan sub-district, Tabanan district of Bali province, Indonesia in 2010 is still an open loop system in which spin turbine is stable when it is set from the high water level in reservoirs. This will be problematic when the generator load changes. This study will overcome the problem by proposing to build a closed loop system from the change in output frequency for the control circuit. The control circuit is a circuit constructed neural network-based PID control by using the Brandt-Lin algorithm to control the governor. The governor function is to regulate the amount volume of water running into turbine. By applying Matlab simulation, the result shows that the best output is obtained when the the change in frequency will stabilize at about 40 seconds and using the value of Kp = 0.0637533, Ki=0.00021801 and Kd=0.00301846.

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