Analysis, Evaluation, and Design of an Overlapped Ultrasonic Sensor Ring for Minimal Positional Uncertainty in Obstacle Detection

Sungbok Kim and Hyunbin Kim


Ultrasonic Sensor Ring, Overlapped Beam Pattern, Obstacle Detection, Positional Uncertainty, Batch GPU-based K-Means


This paper presents a comprehensive treatment of the analysis, evaluation, and design of an overlapped ultrasonic sensor ring for minimal positional uncertainty in obstacle detection. It is assumed that a set of low directivity ultrasonic sensors of the same type are arranged in a circle of non-zero radius at regular spacings with their beams overlapped. First, taking into account the minimum and maximum sensing distances, as well as the dead angle region, the entire range of obstacle detection of an overlapped ultrasonic sensor ring is defined. For a given number of ultrasonic sensors, the structural restrictions on the sensor ring radius for efficient beam overlap are derived. Second, the effective beam width of an overlapped ultrasonic sensor ring is proposed as the beam width of an ultrasonic sensor having the same amount of positional uncertainty. Using the effective beam width, the optimal radius of the sensor ring and the range of its admissible radius are determined, for varying numbers of ultrasonic sensors. Lastly, experimental results for single obstacle detection are given.

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