Mold Filling Simulation in the Injection Molding Process with OpenFOAM Software for Non-Isothermal Newtonian Fluid

Farivar Fazelpour, Majid Vafaeipour, Habib Etemadi, Amir Dabbaghian, Raoof Bardestani, and Mohammadreza Dehghan


Mold Filling, Non-isothermal Flow, Newtonian Fluid, OpenFOAM, Modelling, OpenFOAM, Modelling


Injection molding is one of the most important manufacturing processes for mass production of complex plastic parts. In this study, mold filling is simulated by using the OpenFOAM software for Non- isothermal newtonian fluid. The OpenFOAM is an open source software that is used in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools. The studied mold shape has a rectangular structure with a gate for newtonian fluid injection. The simulation carried out at non-isothermal conditions and two-dimensional flow is considered. The velocity, shear stress and temperature changes in different parts of the mold are critically studied. We show that vortex formation plays an important role on changes of shear stress at the inlet of mold compared to regions far from the inlet. The simulation results indicate that the maximum velocity and maximum temperature decreases along the mold length. Also, maximum velocity and maximum temperature increases by increase of injection rate.

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