Analysis of IPTV Traffic over Computer Communication Networks

Nader F. Mir, Mohit Vashisht, and Sagar Agarwal


Internet Protocol Television, IPTV, Video-on-Demand Services, Computer Communications Networks


This paper presents the analysis of the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) traffic in computer communication networks. Extensive study has been done on IPTV technology and on how the video packets are formed taking IPTV layer model into consideration. Different IPTV components and network protocols related to video transmission over the Internet has been thoroughly studied, where Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is found to be most suitable for IPTV communication. One of the setbacks identified was the poor performance for IPTV due to various factors such as increasing number of clients in the network, limited available bandwidth, legacy routers serving IPTV requests. This conclusion was the basis in this paper to generate the IPTV traffic and analyze it over communication network model with multicasting feature. In this paper, we work on the network simulation tool called OMNeT++ to generate IPTV traffic. We first design a test network for IPTV model and then analyze the performance of the network components with the IPTV traffic by comparing delays on each component of the network under different load conditions. Different scenarios have been tested to measure performance related issues on IPTV communication. We have then come up with ideal conditions for IPTV traffic to efficiently flow through the network so that each user should get the best possible quality of experience with the IP networks based video services.

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