Focal Spot Size Measurement using Image Quality Indicator: A Case Study

Bassim Aklan, Inam Ul Ahad, Rafay Mehmood Siddiqui, Zeeshan Islam, and Anurag Anurag


Computed Tomography, Focal Spot Measurement, Non-Destructive Testing


Focal spot size varies with degradation of x-ray tube anode. Particularly for a Micro-Computed Tomography (Mirco-CT) scan system used as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tool, increase in focal spot size result in geometric un-sharpness of the image. However there is no method agreed authentic for measuring focal spot size. In this study, the Micro-CT scan system is characterized on the basis of focal spot measurement. Three different methods are utilized for measuring of focal spot size and a new method is proposed and validated based on image quality indicators. This method is found robust. Focal spot size measurement is also critical to estimate the end of life forecasting system and helpful for industrial Micro-CT systems in terms of stability and failure prediction.

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