Understanding Power System Transmission Line Faults by Improved Prony Analysis

Bei Gou and Yuan Liao


Power system , transmission line, fault types, Prony analysis


This paper investigates the possibility of analysing and categorizing transmission line faults using Prony Method, which is considered to be an efficient tool. The general derivation of the solution for node voltages under any fault is obtained from the problem formulation in EMTP. This general derivation builds the theoretical foundation of the application of Prony Method in fault analysis. To extract the transient characteristics of fault signals, Prony analysis is extended to any forms of inputs signals, while traditional Prony analysis only takes the impulse input. Many good properties are obtained by the extended Prony method for fault analysis, which can be further utilized for fault detection, classification and location. A sample 6 bus system is used to illustrate the efficiency of Prony method in fault analysis.

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