Integrated Web Multimedia Retrieval in a Law Enforcement Application

Mikołaj Leszczuk, Michał Grega, Jan Derkacz, and Andrzej Dziech


Search engines, fast detection, multimedia, Query by Example (QbE)


Results of a research and development aimed at a new generation of techniques to be applicable in preventing and responding to criminal threats with particular emphasis on the Internet have been presented in this paper. In particular, we present a custom-made content-based multimedia Web crawler (named: INCR) and its integration with advanced image catalogue tool (named: INACT). The innovative aspect of the reported set of search engines is an application of the semantic search tool based on multimedia content (i.e. the Query by Example technology) for law enforcement agencies (e.g. police). Furthermore, the set of search engines establishes, among other things, a middle layer which integrates itself with a variety of existing separate systems used by police.

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