A Visible Light Iris Recognition System using Colour Information

Petru Radu, Konstantinos Sirlantzis, Gareth Howells, Sanaul Hoque, and Farzin Deravi


Colour Iris Recognition, Multiple Classifier Systems, Principal Component Analysis


The iris has been shown to be a highly reliable biometric modality with almost perfect authentication accuracy. However, a classical iris recognition system operates under near infrared illumination, which is a major constraint for a range of applications. In this paper, we propose an iris recognition system which is able to cope with noisy colour iris images by employing image processing techniques together with a Multiple Classifier System to fuse the information from various colour channels. There are two main contributions in the present work: first, we adapt standard iris features, proposed in the literature for near infrared images, to match the characteristics of colour iris images; second, we introduce a robust fusion mechanism to combine the features from various color channels. With a feature size of only 360 real numbers, the efficiency of the proposed biometric system is demonstrated on the UBIRISv1 dataset for both identification and verification scenarios.

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