Efficient Real-Time Generation and Rendering of Interactive Grass and Shrubs for Large Sceneries

Nico Hempe and Juergen Rossmann


Computer Graphics, Modelling of Natural Phenomena, Vegetation Rendering


Ground vegetation like grass and shrubs is an essential element of natural outdoor scenes. Due to the fact, that this kind of vegetation consists of innumerable amounts of single structures, the rendering and animation is still a challenging task in current real-time simulation systems. Up to now, various grass simulations have been developed that deliver realistic results including wind and interaction simulation with interactive frame rates. However, they are hardly applicable in complex simulation systems, due to performance reasons, especially for large virtual worlds. In this paper, we present an approach that put it’s main focus on the performance. However, our approach features wind animation, as well as object-grass interaction and delivers realistically looking grass and shrubs at all distances sufficient for many application areas. It relies on textured quads and billboards rendered with different levels of details to improve performance. The grass simulation is designed in a flexible manner allowing for easy exchange of single modules. Applications in virtual work machine training will demonstrate the performance, the realistic appearance as well as its applicability, even in large sceneries.

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