Flame Detection for Video-based Early Fire Warning Systems and 3D Visualization of Fire Propagation

Kosmas Dimitropoulos, Filareti Tsalakanidou, and Nikos Grammalidis


Wildfires, Flame Detection, 3D Fire Propagation Visualization


Early and accurate detection and localization of flame is an essential requirement of modern early fire warning systems. Video-based systems can be used for this purpose; however, flame detection remains a challenging issue due to the fact that many natural objects have similar characteristics with fire. In this paper, we present a new algorithm for video based flame detection, which employs various spatio-temporal features such as colour probability, contour irregularity, spatial energy, flickering and spatio-temporal energy. Various background subtraction algorithms are tested and comparative results in terms of computational efficiency and accuracy are presented. Experimental results with two classification methods show that the proposed methodology provides high fire detection rates with a reasonable false alarm ratio. Finally, a 3D visualization tool for the estimation of the fire propagation is outlined and simulation results are presented and discussed.

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