Model Driven Development of Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Mario L. Bernardi and Marta Cimitile


Model Driven Engineering,, MOF, Domain Specific Languages, Code Generation


The high variability of mobile hardware platforms and frameworks makes the development and maintenance of mobile applications a challenging task. Moreover mobile devices must host a wide spectrum of services to handle both specific kind of hardware (e.g. cameras, sensors, etc.) and system management (e.g. user data persistence, configuration, security and privacy, etc.). These aspects get worse by the deep differences existing among commercial platforms in terms of user interface structure and controls, system services, frameworks and even in some cases programming languages. In this paper we propose a model-driven approach targeting a unified architecture to develop applications for multiple platform using model transformation and code generation approach. The approach is based on a metamodel that describes the external requirements of the mobile app allowing developers to model it by means of a DSL. The approach generates an application adopting an unifying architecture centered on the Model-View-Control architectural pattern. Finally a case study is carried out in order to assess the validity and the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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