A Software Quality Resource Tool that Improves Quality Management of Scaled-down Development Environments

Khalid A Slhoub


Software Quality Resource Tool, Software Components, Software Quality, Software Engineering and Metrics


This paper proposes a learner-centric, light-weight small scale tool that facilitates the needs of scaled-down development environments. The development of a Software Quality Resource Tool (SQRT) was initiated based on a development process, a set of quality metrics and a set of associated standards outlined in our earlier paper. The development process is based on Agile practices. The quality metrics were generated via a goal-question-metrics process (GQM) and include metrics for tracking product and process quality. Associated standards included benchmarks for each metric, and a set of documentation, coding, and logging procedures. The SQRT tool functions with just enough project planning, configuration management, design and coding functionality to support single-source documentation, and integrates coding with fully automated metrics tracking and reporting. SQRT facilitates compliance to the software development process and quality practices implemented in scaled-down development environments.

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