Simplified Nonlinear Control Design and Stability Analysis for Controlled Voltage Fed Induction Motors

George C. Konstantopoulos and Antonio T. Alexandridis


nonlinear control, induction motor, passivity, stability


In this paper, a novel simple nonlinear controller is proposed for induction motors fed by a three-phase voltage source inverter. The proposed control design acts as an oscillator with damped frequency, is fully independent from the system parameters and requires only the motor speed measurement; thus simplifying the control implementation. Without requiring any field-orientation method, the controller operates with constant slip and as it is proven achieves precise motor speed regulation. Furthermore, the proposed scheme guarantees the damping characteristics of the complete system and as shown by a stability analysis, the closed-loop system states are bounded and converge to the desired equilibrium. Simulation results verify the controller efficiency under motor speed reference changes and load torque disturbances.

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