Voltage Regulation and Stability Analysis of a Photovoltaic System with a Boost Converter Interface

Konstantinos F. Krommydas and Antonio T. Alexandridis


Photovoltaic systems, voltage regulation, DC/DC boost converter, stability analysis, passivity-based PI control


A main control task in photovoltaic (PV) power generation is the output voltage stabilization under varying irradiation or load changes. Taking into account the input voltage nonlinear dependence from the input current of a PV system as well as the nonlinear dynamics of a DC/DC boost converter, an appropriate PI controller is proposed. To this end, the passivity-based control analysis as it has been developed for switched power converters is suitably modified for this case. Hence, as it is proven in the paper, this controller is capable to guarantee system stability and convergence to the desired operating point. Extensive simulation results verify the system good performance and the controller efficiency.

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