Skin-Muscle Deformation Modeling under Surface Force and its Application to Relax-Massage Robot Motion

Stamatis Manesis, Panagiotis Zafeirakis, and Dimitrios Kalamaras


Skin-muscle model, Massage robotics, Position-force control


Robotic systems have been used during last decade for health care and relaxing massage of patients. This paper presents an experimental massage robotic arrangement based on human skin-muscle modeling, a mechanism applying constant pressure on the human body and decomposition of the complex position-force control task. First, the human skin-muscle deformation modeling is carried out by introducing a new parametric calculation of the actual deformation depth. Secondly, the development of a pneumatic mechanism applying constant massage pressure independently of human body surface has been described. Finally, a massage robotic system was developed, using a robotic arm, a personal computer for arm control, a pneumatic mechanism with massage plunger and a programmable logic controller for controlling the massage pressure.This is a compulsory section.

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