Modeling and Analysis of an Actuated Platform used for Precision Pointing Control

Gerardo Zarate, Eric Diaz, Jessica Alvarenga, Khosrow Rad, and Helen Boussalis


modeling and simulation, robotics, control applications


A large, segmented space telescope requires high precision and accuracy in its mirror shape to obtain clear images. The SPACE Telescope Testbed at the Structures, Propulsion, and Control Engineering (SPACE) Laboratory must maintain a pointing control accuracy of 2 arc seconds. A Peripheral Pointing Architecture (PPA) has been designed to demonstrate the telescope pointing accuracy. A finite element model of the PPA is developed using FEMAP. Modal analysis is performed on the finite element model resulting in the natural frequencies, mode shapes, eigenvalues, and degree of freedom mapping of the PPA structure. The mass matrix M and stiffness matrix K are extracted using DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program) which is the secondary development language of NX Nastran.

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