Simulation and Control of Electromagnetic Wave Launching in Thermonuclear Fusion Experiments

Christos Tsironis, Iordanis K. Giannopoulos, Ioannis D. Kakogiannos, and Dimitrios Kalligeropoulos


Thermonuclear fusion, Tokamak plasma control, Plasma heating, Electromagnetic wave launcher


Our energy needs are currently covered by fossil fuels, which are very damaging to the environment as well as to the economy. Fusion power is potential to provide a viable solution for the energy problem which will be safer than nuclear fission and be environment-friendly and more powerful compared to other renewable sources. The realization of fusion power plants requires the solution of several engineering problems in tokamak experiments, especially for ITER design. An important element for the optimal operation of tokamaks is the development of automatic control systems that implement the loop from different sensors to proper actuators. In this work, we present an actuator based on electromagnetic wave launching in the tokamak, which is applied for plasma instability control. We develop mathematical models for the operation of the launcher and perform simulations of the open-loop system and closed-loop control.

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