Customise Your Own User-Centered e-Learning Instruction: An Adaptive Educational Instructional/Learning System

Elspeth McKay and John F. Izard


Advanced Technology Education and Training, Adaptive e-Learning Design, Flexible User-Centred Learning, Instructional Design, Online Learning, Cognitive Assessment


We present an innovative design architecture for a Web-mediated training system to encourage novice courseware developers to deliver their own user-centred and ‘adaptive educational-learning system’ (AELS); by customizing cost effective online training programmes. We propose a seamless ‘Web-mediated training system design architecture’ that includes a choice of intelligent agents (personal Avatars) for guiding the trainee through their knowledge acquisition. We cut through the more usual ‘information systems’ (IS) development rhetoric. Instead of cloaking the courseware design process in highly technical mystery, we argue that educational technology experts should encourage non-technical developers to believe that the possibility of customizing their own Web-mediated training programmes falls within their grasp. The preliminary findings from a pilot study conducted to test our AELS as an in-house courseware development tool, indicate that it will be most suitable for corporate and government training courseware creators.

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