Proposal of an Innovative Architecture for Web based Education Systems

Rubén Peredo-Valderrama and Iván Peredo-Valderrama


Architecture, Software Design Patterns, Components, MAS, Web-based Education


This paper presents a proposal of an innovative Architecture for Web Based Education Systems based on: Software Design Patterns, Components, and Multi-Agent System (MAS). The approach improves the Learning Technology Standard Architecture (LTSA), proposed by IEEE. Maintaining compatibility with: Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative - Sharable Content Object Reusable Model (ADL-SCORM). The proposal implements several Software Design Patterns provide solutions for common problems in the development of Web Based Education Systems, focusing on maintenance and change. Another key part of the proposal are IRLCOO components, which allow: conquering complexity, managing change, and maximizing reusability. The Web Based Education Systems are: complex and dynamic, the MAS can model complex and dynamic systems. The IEEE 1484 LTSA has four processes, which are implemented as agents in our proposal: Learner, Evaluation, Coach, and Delivery.

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