Web-based Statics Course with Learning Dashboard for Instructors

Anna Dollár and Paul S. Steif


Interactive Learning Environments, Web-based Education, Distance and Open Education, Technology-based, Blended, Statics


This paper describes an on-line Statics course developed through Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI), and supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and by the US National Science Foundation. The OLI Statics course consists of over 150 webpages each devoted to a single learning objective, and contains over 300 interactive exercises with instantaneous hints and feedback, and offering both formative and summative assessments. Like other OLI courses the OLI Statics course is freely available to individual learners and academic institutions. In an academic version the OLI Statics course gathers information on students’ on-line learning activities and provides the instructor with feedback on student learning through a Learning Dashboard. Instructors can use such data to inform classroom instruction using the online course in a blended mode in an inverted classroom. In this paper we briefly revisit the main features of the OLI Statics course (described elsewhere) and focus on the associated Learning Dashboard, and its usage in a blended mode.

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