J07 Follow-Up Survey: Achievement Level Analysis of Colleges and Students

Mika Ohtsuki and Testuro Kakeshita


ICT, Quality Assurance in Education, Outcomes based Assessment, Requirement Analysis


As impact of ICT to the society is increasing, advanced ICT education is required. Until now, there are number of challenges for professional ICT education both at academia and industry. However, mismatches between them are often claimed. In this paper, we collect achievement data of colleges and students majored in ICT. We have previously collected and analyzed requirement data from industry so that we shall compare the achievement and requirement data in this paper. We call the entire survey project as J07 follow-up survey whose name comes from the computing curriculum standard J07 proposed by the Information Processing Society of Japan. Quantitative analysis of the mismatch becomes possible through the J07 follow-up survey. Such analysis is useful to promote mutual understanding of academia and industry to improve cooperation in education.

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