From Traditional Lecture to Video-Podcast based Lecture, Case Studies

Jerzy Rutkowski and Katarzyna Moscinska


Engineering Education, lecture videos, attendance


In the first part, the paper presents an investigation into lecture attendance. The case study was conducted on a group of 309 1st year and 3rd year undergraduate engineering students of the Silesian University of Technology to assess relevance of attending lectures, investigate why they are not attending and what could be done to change this trend, as seen from student perspective. The students have been surveyed by means of questionnaire-type surveys. Increase of Information Technology (IT) based components, redevelopment of f2f traditional lecture into f2f discussion forum preceded by online video podcasts are the most demanded modifications. Following this findings, educational uses of podcasting in supporting and enhancing the lecture is briefly discussed. New model of video-podcasting is proposed. This model is now tested, on a group of Circuit Theory (CT) course students. However this case study is still in progress, the already gained feedback from both, students and lecturer allow to state that use of podcasting in supporting lectures is very promising, under the condition that it is not determined by the potential of the IT, but rather by the way in which it is perceived by educators and students.

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