Computer Educational Games in Practice

Bogdan Logofatu, Anisoara Dumitrache, and Michaela Logofatu


Game based learning, game design, ICT in education, professional training programs


The aim of this paper is to present the activities conducted by University of Bucharest in order to create and include serious games in teaching and learning, in professional training programs. Lately, most of the successful Game- Based Learning (GBL) experiences have used mainstream games. From one side, commercial games are ready to be used and some of them provide contents that are rich and valuable from an educational perspective. On the other side, creating an educational game can be time consuming and sometimes can be a frustrating process. During the ProActive project, teachers of Comenius, Erasmus and Leonardo sub-programmes from Spain, Italy, UK and Romania applied creativity in designing their own GBL scenarios using new digital tools. University of Bucharest had as target group professional training. The entire process starting with training, co-design sessions, and the creative process of game design and results will be included in this paper.

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