Towards a Better Adoption of the Pedagogy of Integration within the Moroccan Educational System

Imane Ryane, Moncef Bentaleb, Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi, and Samir Bennani


Pedagogy of integration, authoring tool, scenario model


Pedagogical scripting plays an important role in promoting e-learning. It must be the starting point of any process of creating online courses. There are many authoring tools for the production of digital contents. However, few of them allow the scripting of this content, much less offer assistance for this task [1]. This is why we propose an authoring system, dedicated to pedagogical scripting, with two support mechanisms for the design task. Potential users of our system are teachers, which we consider as novice in software development, and with different levels of knowledge of pedagogical strategies. The first support mechanism offered by our system is a base of scenario models, from which the teacher can choose the model the most appropriate to the learning situation that he wants to script. We start supplying this base with a scenario model of the pedagogy of integration. We try to build this model throughout this paper.

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