Distributed Generation Penetration in a Large-Scale Medium-Voltage Network

Anastasia S. Safigianni, Anastasios I. Spyridopoulos, and George N. Koutroumpezis


Distributed generation, photovoltaic units, large-scale medium-voltage power distribution network, technical constraints


This paper examines the results of the distributed generation penetration in a power distribution medium-voltage network. The network consists of 21 lines fed by three power substations. The injected power comes mainly from photovoltaic units. Specifically, the influence of distributed generation on the network branch currents, losses and voltage profile as well as on the short-circuit level at the medium-voltage busbars of the infeeding substations are examined, according to international and national standards. The arising problems are explored and technical solutions proposed. Finally, general conclusions concerning the distributed generation penetration in real power distribution networks are set out.

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