Optimal Placement of Wind Turbines by using Genetic Algorithm and Social Welfare Assessment

Geev Mokryani, Pierluigi Siano, and Antonio Piccolo


Wind turbines, Distribution Network Operators, Genetic Algorithm, Social Welfare


In this paper, a hybrid optimization method in order to optimally allocate Wind Turbines (WTs) is proposed. The method combines Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Optimal Power Flow (OPF) to jointly minimize total active power losses and maximize Social Welfare (SW) considering different combination of wind generations and load demands over a year. The GA is used to choose the optimal size while the OPF is used to determine the optimal number of WTs at each candidate bus. The method is applied by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to find the optimal numbers and sizes of WTs among different potential combinations. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated with an 83-bus 11.4 kV radial distribution system.

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