A Linear Parameter Varying Control Technique for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Guoyan Cao and Karolos Grigoriadis


Wind Energy, Distributed Power Generation, Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, LPV Control


In this paper, a single linear parameter varying (LPV) controller is designed to minimize the structural loads and maximize the power extraction in the full operating region of a horizontal axis wind turbine model. The LPV model is firstly constructed by combining component state space models which are extracted at corresponding operation points by numerical linearization. H control which is regarded as a disturbance rejection technique is used to minimize the RMS gain from the wind disturbance to loads outputs. The gain scheduling method is selected to control the system in an LPV control framework, and the LPV controller is obtained through the solution of a set of linear matrix inequalities. Simulations of a 1.5 MW horizontal axis wind turbine with the LPV control and a gain scheduling PI control are performed on the platform of the FAST code. The simulation results show the advantages of the LPV control.

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