Methodology Formation of District Heating Integrating into the City Sustainable Development Context

Lina MurauskaitÄ—


District heating, sustainable energy, policies and economics, city level


Sustainable development is an integral part of most strategic energy documents. District heating that integrates the use of local renewable energy sources and possibility of cogeneration also contributes to the environmental, economical and social welfare of the country and is one of the priorities of sustainable development. District heating should be integrated into the context of the city sustainable development, strategic plans of the city. The reduction of greenhouse gas emission should be started from the inefficient use of thermal energy, non-refurbished old apartment buildings and modernisation of heat supply network. Energy security of the country and its independence from import of fossil fuel is an economic aspect. As a social aspect, the use of biofuel in cogeneration plants creates additional work places in a country, mainly in smaller towns, where unemployment rate is usually the highest in a country. The aim of the article is to present a methodology formation of district heating integrating into the context of sustainable development of a city. The issue concerns with insufficient attention to energy indicators, incorporation of district heating in the list of priority areas at city level.

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