Real-Time Voltage Stability Monitoring for TNB Network

Mohd Khairun N. Mohd Sarmin, Worawat Nakawiro, Sheikh Kamar Sheikh Abdullah, and Nik Sofizan Nik Yusuf


Real-time Application Platforms, Wide Area Intelligent Systems, Phesor Measurement Unit, Real-time Voltage Stability Margin, Thevenin equivalent


Today, there is a need to operate power system close to its security limit due to economic reason and the difficulties to upgrade the existing grid infrastructure. Couple with the demand growth, voltage instability problem has become a challenge to power system operator. A continuous real-time voltage margin monitoring system is required to predict the distance to the point of voltage collapse. This paper describes the use of a new platform called Real-time Application Platforms (RTAP) to implement the real-time voltage instability predictor for one of the load areas in TNB network based on measurement from Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) placed at the boundary of the load center. The voltage instability predictor algorithm implemented in RTAP calculates the power margin and compares to the pre-set margin threshold. The stability of the system will be determined based on the comparison of the margin and the pre-set threshold.

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