Simultation Tool based on a Memetic Algorithm to Solve a Real Instance of a Dynamic TSP

Eneko Osaba, Roberto Carballedo, Fernando Díaz, and Asier Perallos


Simultation tool, Evolutionary computing, Dynamic TSP, Intelligent transport system


Nowadays, public transportation has become an essential area which affects our quality of life. Therefore, the design of new roads, new vehicles or new stations is a complicated process that requires a preliminary study to analyze its impact. This paper shows the algorithm of a simulation tool that allows the definition of transport routes, in regular and on-demand transportation systems. The resulting application allows adjustment and modification of routes, depending on assenger demand. All this is achieved through the use of a memetic algorithm that combines a genetic algorithm and tabu search. The result of the work done is a simulation tool and a memetic algorithm used for solving a particular instance of the Dynamic TSP.

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