Risk Assessment Program for Terrestrial Oil Spill Management in Russia

Sergey A. Sherbina, Maria S. Kuyukina, Irena B. Ivshina, and Sergey O. Makarov


Risk assessment, Oil spills, Environmental modeling and management


Crude oil contamination presents the global environmental problem, especially hard for oil-producing regions. Risk assessment is a widely accepted strategy for contaminated land management. The present paper describes a program, which has been developed to assist the evaluation of potential human health risks from terrestrial oil spills. The software developed allows estimating potential hydrocarbon pollutant impacts on human health through various exposure pathways from different media. A software package contains embedded fate and transport models for air, vadose and dissolved zones to calculate receptor point concentrations. The program developed was used to estimate human health risk for a terrestrial site accidently contaminated with a crude oil spilled from the disrupted pipeline.

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