A Numerical Implemented Method for the Aircraft Attitude Determination

Teodor Lucian Grigorie, Ruxandra Mihaela Botez, and Dragos George Sandu


inertial navigation, numerical integration, quaternion, attitude matrix, attitude angles


The paper deals with an attitude algorithm calculating the three attitude angles of a vehicle, and the corresponding direction cosine matrix. In a short introduction, the Poisson quaternionic attitude equation is deduced. The presented algorithm supposes the quaternionic Poisson equation integration by using a modified Wilcox method in order to avoid the commutation error. The algorithm in its discretized form is software implemented and tested in two different stages: 1) in a bench test on the lab; and 2) by using some flight test data. In the first test, the used software is HI-Q, the testing equipment including a Strap-Down gyro platform, whose input axes form an orthogonal axis system, and an AX5411 type data acquisition card. For the second testing step, some data acquired in flight from a gyro triad are used.

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