A Framework for Evaluation of 3G Communication Systems

Freeha Azmat and Junaid Imtiaz


UMTS, QOS, PEPA, Networks and Communications


There was a distinct division between the cellular industry and other telecommunication industries till end of 20th century that presented basic telephone, television, radio, computer and Internet services. The cellular communication proved to be a tremendous success and went beyond fixed line connections worldwide in 2001. The innovation in technology is increasing on one hand and it is bringing competition between the suppliers on the other hand for fulfilling customer requirements. For meeting customer specific criteria, there must be a process which can rank mobile network on the basis of their speed, coverage etc. To address this issue, we have proposed an approach in this paper for performing quantitative analysis of Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) network and tried to evaluate the properties like utilization, throughput and response time. The quantitative analysis of the model is performed using Performance Evaluation Process Algebra (PEPA) Eclipse Plug-in.

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