An Interdisciplinary Approach to Automatically Capture Knowledge in Dialogues on the Spot

Keedong Yoo


automated knowledge acquisition, topic identification, cloud computing, smartphone, knowledge management


The Smartphone, one of essential mobile devices widely used recently, can be very effectively applied to capture knowledge on the spot by jointly applying the pervasive functionality of cloud computing. Furthermore, the process of knowledge capturing can be effectively automated if the subject, or even the topic, of knowledge is identified. Therefore, this paper suggests an interdisciplinary approach to automatically acquire knowledge on the spot by combining technologies of text mining-based topic identification and cloud computing-based Smartphone. The Smartphone is used not only as the recorder to record knowledge possessor’s dialogue which plays the role of the knowledge source, but also as the sensor to collect knowledge possessor’s context data which characterize specific situations surrounding him or her. The support vector machine, one of well-known outperforming text mining algorithms, is applied to extract the topic of knowledge. By relating the topic and context data, a business rule can be formulated, and by aggregating the rule, the topic, context data, and the dictated dialogue, a set of knowledge is concluded.

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