Application of Simulation Systems in Training Security Services

Grzegorz Gudzbeler, Mariusz Nepelski, and Andrzej Urban


virtual training, security services, simulation games, computer simulation


The paper presents modern perception of crisis management and its importance to security in the context of non-military threats. The paper shows the role of the police as a part of governmental system, performing their tasks in all stages of crisis management. The article is about simulator crisis situation. It describes development process and final result of the project which is an innovative solution for virtual game simulation training for police operation commanders, sub-operation commanders and commanding staff. It shows a new approach to simulation training systems which allows to maintain very complex trainings on standard personal computers. It describes possibilities in selection process for decision makers with the use of simulation systems. Virtual environment of the system is center of polish capitol Warsaw. The whole project is also a part of preparations for the Eurocup 2012 and the first attempt to use such big training systems for security services in Poland.

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