Proposal of Motion Capturing System for Authentication

Keiichiro Awaji, Yutaro Watanabe, and Ryuya Uda


Authentication, Motion Capture, Biometrics, Security


Recently, various authentication methods and systems are adapted to personal identification such as password, biometrics and IC card. However, these methods have problems. Password which is long enough to be secure is difficult to remember and it has no resistance from shoulder surfing. Biometrics authentication system is free from shoulder surfing but biological information can be copied once it leaks. IC card is also free from shoulder surfing and it is difficult to be copied, but anyone can use the card for impersonation when the card is stolen. Therefore, in this paper, we proposed authentication method and system which are free from shoulder surfing, being copied and being stolen. In the method and system, 3 types of motion patterns are randomly repeated so that the key cannot be guessed.

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