Wide-Area PSS Design for Damping Inter-Area Oscillations: A Two-Area System Case

Sandip Ghosh and Komla A. Folly


Damping Controller, Inter-Area Oscillations, Wide-Area Control, Power System Stabilizer (PSS)


Low frequency inter-area oscillations are of major concern for large power utilities where power is required to be transmitted from one geographical area to another over long transmission lines. These oscillations may lead to instability and even cascade failure if the oscillations are not damped out quickly. This paper deals with the design of wide-area control for damping inter-area oscillations using wide-area signals. The phasor measurement technology (PMUs) used in modern power system facilitates the availability of such wide-area signals. It is shown that such wide-area damping controllers are indeed able to damp inter-area oscillations more efficiently than local controllers.

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