Importance of Fault Current Limiting Devices in Power Grid for Extending the Lifetime of Expensive Equipment

Tshimbalanga Madiba, Abdul A. Jimoh, Willy M. Siti, and Kabeya Musasa


Matlab/Simulink, FCLDs, PDNs, Normal and Abnormal conditions


This paper presents the improvement of the protectionof Power Distribution Networks (PDNs)when power transformers and electric motors are protected only with Fault Current Limiting Devices (FCLDs). In assessing the state of the PDNs from normal topost-fault conditions, objective comparisons are made between two types of results taking into account whenthere is not presence of FCLDs andwhen FCLDsare used as protection systemduring abnormal conditions. The approach to this study isperformed using Matlab/Simulink and it was concluded that the FCLDsperfectly enhance the protection of expensive equipment in the PDN.

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