Potentials of a 5kW Wind Energy System with Integrated Storage Bank for Home Energy Management

Zaccheus O. Olaofe and Komla A. Folly


Wind Power Density, Battery Bank& Inverter, Wind Charge Controller, Load Profile


In this study, a 5kW wind energy system with an integrated storage bank is sized to supports a maximum of 2 households with a reliable daily energy need. For a successful implementation of this off-grid wind energy system, a 24-month wind data sampled on a 10m hub height and stored as 5-minute wind data are obtained for this study to anticipate the wind energy output at this site. Because of the variation of the wind, the energy output of this 5kW turbine is estimated using the statistical technique for the purpose of anticipating the energy output as the wind fluctuates. To mitigate the effect of the varying energy output as a result of the changing wind, the inclusion of battery bank is considered for a reliable energy supply. The annual mean wind speeds are estimated at 5.15m/s &4.99m/s and its equivalent wind power densities estimate at 165.0W/m2 &149.8W/m2 for the years 2009&2010, respectively. The daily energy generation at the site is estimated at 11.35kWh, average power required per household is estimated at 190.0W, and the daily energy consumption at 4.56kWh. The battery bank is sized at 200Ah, 240VDC; with a total of 40pcs, rated 12V at 100Ah and connected in series-parallel connection. Further, a 5kVA sine wave inverter is sized for a 48Wh battery bank.

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