Optical Properties of Flash Evaporated Amorphous Se100-XInX Thin Films for CuInSe2 Solar Cell Applications

Cosmas M. Muiva, Kelebogile Maabong, Stephen T. Sathiaraj, and Julius M. Mwabora


Thin films, In-Se, flash evaporation, CuInSe2 solar cells


Amorphous Se100-XInX thin films were prepared by flash evaporation of the pre-melt quenched bulk samples. The samples were characterised and the suitability of each composition assessed towards applications as a buffer layers in CuInSe2 photovoltaic cells. XRD studies confirmed that all the samples were amorphous. There was a descending dependence of complex dielectric constant and refractive index on wavelength which levelled in the infra-red (IR) region. A red shift in the optical energy gap Egopt from 1.76 eV for In = 5 at% to 1.46 eV for In = 20 at% was observed. The Egopt values were in the range that is compatible with solar energy conversion.

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