Three-Parameter Raindrop Size Distribution Modeling for Microwave Propagation in South Africa

Oluwumi Adetan and Thomas J. Afullo


Raindrop size distribution, Specific attenuation, Microwave propagation


This paper considers the estimation of the three-parameter raindrop size distributions in Durban, South Africa. The two models- modified gamma and lognormal distribution models compare reasonably well with the measured data and are both suitable for the modeling of raindrop size distributions in the region and for computation of specific attenuation. The method of moments is adopted for the estimation of the parameters. The models are compared with the ITU-R model at frequencies of 2-150 GHz. From the performance analysis of the estimated error, the deviations of the models from the measured data are minimal. The three-parameter lognormal distribution model however gives a better performance when compared with the modified gamma distribution model and the ITU-R.

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