Development of Predictive Model for Investigating Effect of Sodium Chloride on Soil Geotechnical Properties

Gbenga M. Ayininuola and Oluwole A. Agbede


Model developement, Geotechnical properties, Salt concentration, Soil contamination, Mathematical modelling


The study centred on the development of predictive equations to determine soil contaminated with sodium chloride geotechnical properties at given level of cation exchange capacity (CEC), exchangeable anion and cation. Soil samples for the work were taking from two borrow pits in Ibadan, Nigeria. Aside the control, each sample was divided into sixteen and grouped into. Each group received a single dose of 10, 30, 50 and 70 g/dm3 and their geotechnical and chemical monitored for 365 days. The geotechnical properties obtained were used as dependent variables while chemical properties as independent variables in multiple regression model to generate fourteen equations for estimating soil geotechnical properties at specified levels of chemical properties. The results revealed that the two soils geotechnical properties except coefficient of permeability decrease with increase in salt concentrations and time. Also, the differences between the measured and predicted or simulated geotechnical properties were in the range of -10.08 and +6.51 %.

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