Non-Linear Slip Control for Anti-Lock Braking System

Samuel John and Jimoh O. Pedro


non-linear control, feedback linearization, quarter-car model, ABS


The Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an active safety device in road vehicles, which during hard braking maximizes the braking force between the tyre and the road irrespective of the road condition. This is accomplished by regulating the wheel slip around its optimum value. Due to the high non-linearity of the tyre and road interaction, and uncertainties from vehicle dynamics, linear controllers will not suffice. This paper, therefore proposes a more robust non-linear control design using input-output state feedback linearization approach. To enhance the robustness of the non-linear controller, an integral feedback method was employed.The stability of the controller is analysed using a Lyapunov method. To demonstrate the robustness of the proposed method, simulations were conducted for two different road conditions. The results of the proposed controller were found to be superior to results obtained using a standard feedback linearisation controller.

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