Modelling and Simulation of an User-Wheelchair-Environment System

Ignace T. Toudjeu, Yskandar Hamam, Djouani Karim, Barend J. van Wyk, and Eric Monacelli


Wheelchair, Driver, Simulation, Virtual reality, Modelling


Research on wheelchairs is on its growing phase and assistive aids brought to wheelchair users in terms of adaptability to electric wheelchair have not yet been perfected. This paper presents the development of a User-Wheelchair-Environment (UWE) system in order to ease driving evaluation of wheelchair user. The system is modelled using Matlab/Simulink and it provides useful information such as linear and angular velocity and displacement in a 3D-virtual environment. The model consists of three main components (user interface, wheelchair model and virtual environment) which are individually modelled and later integrated altogether to form the UWE system. Simulation results are also presented.

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