On the Relevance of a Dynamic System and Cloud-based Security Framework for EHR Systems

Ekene Umoru, Isaac O. Osunmakinde, and Seleman Ngwira


EHR, Cloud computing, Healthcare, Security, Dynamic system


Security issues are among the first to be raised whenever access to patient information is discussed, because of confidentiality concerns. At the same time, patients’ information needs to be readily available to all authorized health-care providers at all times in order to ensure proper treatment. There is a challenge when integrating, implementing, maintaining and securing an electronic health record (EHR). In practice, patients’ health records are distributed around different hospitals and the retrieval of this scattered information when a patient visits a doctor in any particular hospital and building of a secure EHR sharing pose serious and difficult problems. In this paper, we propose a new security policy framework for an EHR system that uses a dynamic system and cryptographic access control (CAC) on cloud computing to secure and manage users’ activities on the cloud. Using real-life publicly available medical records on the UCI machine repository and data generated from OpenMRS, extensive experiments were conducted. Our experimental results suggest that the dynamic system and cloud computing have the capability to manage users of EHR systems. This excellent performance suggests wider application in both the healthcare and academic communities.

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