Use of Mobile Phone based Health Applications in Home Care Delivery of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Marlien Varnfield, Hang Ding, and Mohanraj Karunanithi


Cardiac Rehabilitation, Information & Communication Technology, Health Diary, Self Monitoring, Self Management, Chronic Diseases


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and one of the greatest burdens to economies worldwide. Cardiac rehabilitation can effectively address risk factors prevalent to cardiovascular disease, as well as reduce morbidity and mortality. In spite of documented benefits, poor rates of referral, uptake and utilization of cardiac rehabilitation programs continue. The Care Assessment Platform (CAP) is an innovative home care model which provides an alternative delivery approach to rehabilitation for cardiac patients, utilising a mobile phone platform. This paper reports results on use and user acceptance of mobile phone applications utilised in the CAP model and evaluated in a randomized controlled trial. The implementation of mobile applications in the CAP model showed high usage and acceptance by patients (>85%). Mobile applications, such as a health diary and step counter, show promise in supporting self monitoring and management of lifestyle related health risk factors in the management of other chronic diseases.

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